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Peter Jackson has spoken to Ain't it Cool News about the Halo movie, the reasons behind the choice of director and how he expects the movie to turn out. Mr. Jackson first set out to explain why the specific director was chosen and to that end he said: At the end of the day, Neill (Blomkamp) is not a first time director. He's a first time feature film director, but he understands film and grammar as good as anybody. He's done some wonderful short films and commercials. His visual eye is fantastic and his storytelling is great. The fact that it's a feature film just means that he gets to shoot for longer than he did in the short film. There really isn't anything else that's different.

Putting Blomkamp's experience to one side, Jackson also explained what characteristics were necessary for the Halo movie director, We wanted somebody on HALO that would have 3 qualities. One, a very important one, is that they wanted to do it really badly. They had to be absolute HALO fans. That was important because there are a lot of people who would be happy to do HALO for the paycheck, there's a lot of people who would be happy to do it for the publicity they're going to get from it and the kick it'll give to their career and all that and all of that sort of stuff. There's lots of reasons to do HALO that would be attractive if you're not a HALO fan, but we didn't want any of those people, we wanted somebody who was a real HALO fan.

Jackson also went on to add that the new director will bring his unique vision to the movie and he should know as he said he already has the art that the director has helped create for the movie. Jackson also confirmed that the studio will look for a PG-13 rating for the movie although he did suggest that an R-rated version may surface on DVD.

Peter Jackson also commented on criticism regarding Alex Garland's script, ...nothing is going to end up on the screen that doesn't get our stamp of approval. We're going to be pretty tough with the script. We're not going to spare people's feelings.

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