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Anyone could make a movie out of a game with no story right? That's what we thought too until we found out that except for Running With Scissors, the game's developers have made another much bigger mistake. RWS has revealed that it has signed an appropriately apocalyptic deal with renegade filmmaker Uwe Boll to bring the controversial franchise to the big screen in all its blood-drenched, ironic glory.

The company claims that since everyone from Steven Spielberg (deal with EA) and MS (Halo movie) is involved in movies, it has also chosen to do so. RWS however seems to have used the word controversial when describing the director chosen for the movie when the correct word should be, budget. Once you complete the substitution you can see that the news does make some sense.

As a result of the movie deal announcement we are treated to some interesting news about the promising director which help shed some light on what is best described as a complex, intricate and deeply sensitive man. We find out for example, that the great man and Hollywood outsider Uwe Boll ranks Postal as his personal, all-time favorite video game. I see it like a mirror for our society - funny, violent, absurd! he declared and we have to agree that it must be the case since he is still making movies. But the intellectual acuity of the man has no end as he reveals his plans for the new project, ...the movie must be powerful, strange, and so full of the game's political incorrect outrageousness that if we do it correct, we will all probably end up in jail! We, wholeheartedly, say go ahead and do it, especially if it will keep you away from Far Cry, although we are afraid it's too late for poor Jack Carver...

Boll has already produced and directed a series of films inspired by videogames, including Alone in the Dark, House of the Dead, and the upcoming Bloodrayne. Boll is currently on-location in Canada shooting the cinematic version of Dungeon Siege.

The Postal saga extends back to 1997 when the original game was singled out by Sen. Joe Lieberman as the poster child for mindless violence in video games. This, in turn, led to it subsequently being blacklisted at retail outlets across America. Taking a no-holes barred approach the relentless crew at Running With Scissors has built the Postal series into a thriving licensing vehicle, from thongs and baby tees to coffee mugs and posters, while selling over a million units worldwide on PC.

In the decade since its original release, the Postal series has become a cult classic in America and a major success overseas in countries such as Japan and Russia. It was then followed by the even more successful sequel, Postal 2, as well as numerous add-on disks, including the multi-player Share the Pain and the recent Apocalypse Weekend.

Postal is scheduled to begin shooting in 2006 for a 2007 release, which will coincide with the 10th anniversary of the original game's debut. Running With Scissors insists it will be creatively involved in the film.

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