Rainbow Six Lockdown - MP Video


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Ubisoft has released a new video of XBox footage showcasing the multiplayer Rainbow Vs. Merc mode of the new Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Lockdown game.

Rainbow, an international elite counter-terrorism unit is spearheading a new war on terror. They are the only one who can save millions of innocent lives threaten by radical terrorists.

But this terrorist network is also packing state-of-the-art weapons, and they're using Rainbow's tactics against them. Ambushed and outnumbered, the members of Team Rainbow must find the strength to defeat their most dangerous enemies yet. When Team Rainbow is personally attacked close-quarter battles reach unprecedented levels of tension and intensity.


- Key Features
- Immerse yourself in tense close-quarters combat, where split-second decisions mean the difference between life and death
- Thrilling single-player campaign has you playing as Ding Chavez, the confident team leader, who never leaves a man behind, and as Dieter Weber, the team's arrogant, relentless sniper who never misses
- Lead Team Rainbow, a deadly counter-terrorism unit comprised of the world's best operatives and equipped with the latest weaponry
- New tension-building sound effects
- New increasingly intelligent enemy A.I.
- New stunning graphic engine and ultra-realistic ragdoll physics
- Unprecedented multiplayer enhancements especially optimized for the PS2 and for the Xbox

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