Red Vs Blue


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Spreading faster than the Blaster worm and using Microsoft products in almost the same way, Red Vs Blue has become an Internet success story.
Rough around the edges but extremely well scripted and very funny, Red Vs Blue stretches beyond its financial and environmental restrictions and becomes a visual feast worthy of the mainstream.

The series follows the lives of two rival camps of soldiers, the Reds and Blues, who spend their time discussing life, the universe and everything, stationed in separate bases in a creek called Blood Gulch. All of the series animations are created by the use of Halo, the XBox game, and while limited to the game engine potential, they still manage to carry out the task rather well. The sound is also Halo reminiscent sounding like the real in-helmet radio communication you would expect.

According to Gustavo Sorola, who voices Simmons in the cartoon, We have talked to a few people at Bungie and Microsoft and from what we can tell they really enjoy the series. Although the series obviously pokes fun at the world of video games, it is also easy for a non hardcore gamer to enjoy.

Red Vs Blue is currently on episode 15. Folow the download tab above for a link to the zipped .torrent file of that episode or for the official download site were you will find all 15 episodes.

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