Star Trek: Elite Force II E3 2003 Trailer


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This is the E3 trailer for Star Trek Elite Force 2. The trailer is in MPEG format and plays for 1 minute, 30 seconds. It shows excellent scenes and actual gameplay for ST: Elite Force 2.


Even though the six-year run of Star Trek: Voyager is over, the Elite Forces unit is going. Trumping the original Star Trek: Elite Force, the sequel picks up where the show left off. And, Trekkie or not, there's an epic story in the making that'll make you want to sign on for the new mission.
The setup is this: After destroying a Borg sphere--an event that occurs at the end of the Star Trek: Voyager television series and serves as your first mission in Elite Force II--your crew gets unwillingly reassigned to desk jobs by an annoying Star Fleet bureaucrat. Thankfully, Captain Picard (voiced by Patrick Stewart) intervenes, reassembles your crew, and whisks you off on a surprisingly atypical series of missions that involve Alien-style creatures and two races new to the Star Trek universe: the Attrexians and the Idryll.

The Attrexians are a gnomish society centered on mining and construction. The Idryll, an elfish-looking race long oppressed by the Attrexians, are much more sophisticated--and mystical. The conflict between these two races, as well as the origin and nature of the alien menace, is central to the game's main story line.

Elite Force II's plot is massive (at least three times as big as the original, which should please fans unhappy with the first game's short length) and spans more than 10 different locales, which range from trippy bio-sci-fi factories to arctic Romulan outposts. This large number of worlds and settings promises to keep gamers interested, especially given the amount of play variance Ritual and Activision are striving to achieve

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