Time Machine VR "The Science Behind The Game" Trailer


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Science and VR collide... in a good way! In this video, Dr. Hans Larsson talks about the science that went into bringing the prehistoric creatures in Minority's Time Machine VR back to life. Dr. Larsson is Research Chair in Vertebrate Palaeontology at McGill University.

In Time Machine VR, you are a time-travelling cadet tasked with exploring the Jurassic era and the ancient creatures that once ruled the prehistoric oceans. Use an array of advanced tech tools to track, examine, and discover scientifically accurate creatures like mosasaurs, livyatans, and megalodons. As you uncover the mysteries of the ancient past, find the connection between a prehistoric virus, the melting ice caps, and a present-day epidemic that is exterminating humankind. If you are a paleontology buff, beat the game and check out Exploration Mode, where you can revisit the oceans and unlock more intelligence about the ancient era creatures you encountered in Story Mode.

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