TWIN MIRROR Release Date Gameplay Trailer


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Twin Mirror, DONTNOD’s first self-published title, will launch on December 1st on PC (Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Pre-orders are open on the Epic Games Store and anyone pre-ordering the game will receive the Twin Mirror original soundtrack as a digital pre-order bonus.

Twin Mirror's main score is composed by David Wingo.

Sam Higgs was done with Basswood, West Virginia, but it seems it wasn’t done with him. When he’s coming back to Basswood, his childhood town, for his best friend’s funeral, it quickly becomes obvious that this little West Virginian city holds numerous dark secrets. The former investigative journalist will employ his deductive skills to uncover the mysteries surrounding the city and its inhabitants. Dealing with his past, Sam will be torn between his quest for truth and his desire to reconnect with relatives. Who can he really trust?

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