Void War


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Those who have tried them keep looking for more, the raw beauty they possess and the in-your-face action are the essential elements which remind you that these are games from gamers for gamers.

Independent games have come a long way and can now, in most cases, compare favorably with their overbudgeted competition. Void War is no exception, created by Jay Barnson, the man behind the original Twisted Metal series, Void War is a 3D space combat game. It is set for release sometime this month and promises to revive the space combat genre.

Void War features include:

-Two different multiplayer modes allow you to prove your skill against the best pilots in the Galaxy (or at least on the Internet).

-Single-player modes include a free-for-all practice mode, and a campaign game sends you on an adventure through deadly battlefields against unique opponents.

-Intense 3D battlefields in space - fly and fight through asteroid fields, space stations, and bizarre deep-space anomalies. Whip around hyper-gravity wells and coast past your enemies.

-Six unique spacecraft to master, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities.

-Lethal Boss enemies will challenge your skills to the utmost in campaign mode.

-Fast action, with easy-to-learn controls.

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