Warface 'PAX 2012' Trailer


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The Face of War is Changing!
In Crytek’s free-to-play FPS, Warface, AAA production values meet social gaming to offer an unparalleled new experience.
Continuing Crytek’s track record for creating ground-breaking shooters, Warface drops players into the deadliest warzones on the planet as they bid to outgun the enemy in thrilling PVE and PVP missions. Choose from one of four classes of soldier and brace yourself for intense multiplayer action that rewards both teamwork and skill. Intuitive controls and slick gameplay powered by Crytek’s CryENGINE® 3 make for an experience that everyone can pick up and nobody will want to put down!
Take to the battlefields of the near-future in Warface and discover a new kind of FPS that offers maximum quality and instant accessibility in one explosive package.

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