What Next-Gen Trailers Will Look Like


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Digital Extremes, the well known Canadian developer of Epic Games' Unreal series, have released a teaser trailer of Dark Sector. The trailer is impressive to look at but becomes even more interesting when you pay attention to its creator's claims. This, according to Digital Extremes, is what games will look like on the next-gen machines such as PS 3 and XBox 2.

The company does not claim to have used any official PS 3 or XBox 2 development kits but rather to have used the potential specifications of next generation machines in order to create this trailer. Digital Extremes are adamant that no part of this trailer is pre-rendered but instead claim that it is running in real-time.
Whether Dark Sector will actually make it as a game is not clear however, it is more likely a tech demo aimed to demonstrate the potential of the Sector Engine, the New Engine mentioned in the trailer itself.

The trailer itself, when considered as a real-time offering, is very impressive and features beautiful visuals and highly detailed characters. The Dark Sector trailer definitely has enough potential to become the launchpad for a game but even if it doesn't make it the potential demonstrated by this very short trailer is enough to get any gamer's juices flowing.

You can have a look at the teaser site for Dark Sector by following the Download tab above. The link is available on Megagames server but you will also find a variety of download options on the official website, available from the Download tab above, your fastest download bet is through the .torrent file available from the official site as long as you are familiar with using BT.

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