Winter Games 2023 Announcement Trailer


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Winter Games 2023 is an exciting sports game where you can prove your athletic abilities in ten dynamic winter sports disciplines – set off on the hunt for records, best times, and trophies.

Either compete in individual disciplines, choose one of the ready-to-play cups in which several disciplines can be played one after the other, or set up customized competitions of your own choosing.

You can play by yourself against an AI offering various degrees of difficulty for beginners and pros. Or invite your friends over to compete in an exciting winter sports duel in local multiplayer mode supporting up to four players..

Winter Games 2023 offers ten thrilling winter sport disciplines:
Short track
2-man bobsled
Ski jumping
Ski cross
Snowboard cross

Winter Games 2023 is out on October 13 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox X/S and Steam.

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