MegaMan Unlimited Free Full Game v1.20


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MegaMan Unlimited is a fan-game based on the classic MegaMan series. It is made in the traditional NES graphic style with NES-Style music from MegaPhilX, Kevvviiinnn and ThunderThouin. It is programmed by Jansim, a childhood friend of MegaPhilX's and Gabriel, a former colleague. Phil is making all the graphics, characters, levels and game designs.

Megaman Unlimited, although looking like an 8-Bit game, is not programmed in 8-Bit.

version 1.2.0 adds quite a lot of new content outside the main game. The main game has a few small tweaks and bug fixes, but the meat of version 1.2.0 is in the SPECIAL menu added to the main menu when you start the game.

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