Elebits - New Mission Modes


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New Mission Modes
You can unlock extra modes for every non-boss stage

Unlockable - How to Unlock
Challenge Mission - Collect the 2nd pink Elebit
Eternal Mission - Collect all 3 pink Elebits
Score Attack - Collect the 1st pink Elebit

Unlock a level in level editor:
In order to unlock a level in level editor, you must rank a C or higher in it. If you rank a B or higher, you get a set of items corresponding to that level that can be used in any place.

Hidden Elements:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding hidden Element. To activate them, select the "Elebits Notes" option in Extras mode.

Aroma Unit: Get the "King of Surveillance" rank after defeating the final Boss.

Berserk Elebits: Get the "King of Capture" rank after defeating the final Boss.

Extreme Silence: Get the "King of Noise" rank after defeating the final Boss.

High Power Mode: Defeat the third Boss, then watch the intermission sequence for the next level.

Limit Release: Complete 25 Challenge missions.

Main Unit Only: Complete 5 Challenge missions.

Permanent Homing Laser: Complete 20 Challenge missions. Note: This cannot be used with Permanent Vacuum Laser.

Permanent Vacuum Laser: Earn 25 "S" ranks in Normal Mission mode. Note: This cannot be used with Permanent Homing Laser

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