The Best Weapons in Fallout Shelter

The Best Weapons in Fallout Shelter The Best Weapons in Fallout Shelter The Best Weapons in Fallout Shelter The Best Weapons in Fallout Shelter The Best Weapons in Fallout Shelter The Best Weapons in Fallout Shelter The Best Weapons in Fallout Shelter

In Fallout Shelter, equipping your dwellers with the best weapons is crucial for survival, whether they're defending the Vault or exploring the Wasteland. Here's a detailed look at the top weapons in the game, along with their pros, cons and junk requirements for crafting them.

1. Dragon's Maw

Dragon's Maw

The Dragon's Maw is the best single-target weapon in Fallout Shelter, making it ideal for explorers. This powerful gun dishes out between 22-29 damage per shot, which is the highest average damage in the game. Its simplicity is its strength—just pure, high damage without any fancy characteristics.

Crafting Junk Requirements: Chemistry Flask x3, Globe x3, Military Circuit Board x3


  • Highest Single-Target Damage: No weapon in the game beats Dragon's Maw in terms of single-shot damage.
  • Ideal for Explorers: Perfect for Wasteland adventures where high HP enemies are common.



  • Overkill: With only one shot per magazine, any excess damage on low-health enemies is wasted.
  • Not Ideal for Crowds: Less effective against groups due to its single-target focus.




The MIRV is the best AOE (Area of Effect) weapon in Fallout Shelter, perfect for Vault defense. This heavy launcher sends out a barrage of mini-nukes, dealing 22-27 damage spread across all enemies. Its damage output is unmatched for taking out groups of enemies.

Crafting Junk Requirements: Chemistry Flask x3, Military Duct Tape x3, Shovel x3


  • Highest AOE Damage: No other heavy weapon can match the MIRV's damage spread.
  • Great for Defense: Best used for defending the Vault against multiple intruders.



  • Slow Rate of Fire: Slower than other heavy weapons like the Miss Launcher.
  • Damage Spread: Damage is split among enemies, which might not be ideal for focusing on stronger targets.


3. Vengeance


Vengeance is a multi-hit weapon and shines in quests. Though it deals slightly less damage per shot (tying with other high-damage weapons), its multishot capability ensures no damage is wasted, as it seamlessly switches targets after each kill.

Crafting Junk Requirements: Microscope x5, Military Circuit Board x3, Giddyup Buttercup x2


  • Efficient Damage Distribution: No wasted damage, making it perfect for quests.
  • Consistent Knockback: Helps control enemy movements, especially when paired with AOE weapons.



  • Lower Single-Target Damage: Not the highest for single targets, but makes up for it in efficiency.
  • Requires Skill: To maximize its potential, players need to strategically use its fast target-switching ability.


4. Fire Hydrant Bat

Fire Hydrant Bat

The Fire Hydrant Bat stands out as the best melee weapon in Fallout Shelter. While melee weapons are generally less effective than ranged ones, this bat packs a punch with 25 damage per hit, outperforming many assault rifles.

Crafting Junk Requirements: Chemistry Flask x3, Military Duct Tape x3, Shovel x3


  • High Damage: Outdamages many guns with its hefty 25 damage per swing.
  • Strong for Melee: The best option if you prefer or need to use melee combat.



  • Single-Target Only: Only hits one enemy at a time, slowing down combat.
  • Vulnerability: Melee attackers are exposed to damage from ranged enemies while in combat.


5. Lead Belcher

Lead Belcher

The Lead Belcher excels at laying down suppressive fire. It deals 19-24 damage per bullet and boasts a massive magazine capacity of 120 bullets, upgradeable to 240. Its fast rate of fire ensures consistent damage without any loss.

Crafting Junk Requirements: Shovel x4, Gold Watch x3, Military Duct Tape x2


  • Suppressive Fire: Quick target switching with a huge magazine for continuous damage.
  • High Rate of Fire: No DPS loss due to its speed.



  • Ammo Dependent: Requires large amounts of ammo, which can be a drawback if supplies are low.
  • Less Effective Alone: Best when paired with AOE weapons for maximum effectiveness.


6. Technician’s Revenge

Technician's Revenge

Technician's Revenge is a Legendary variant of the Junk Jet, launching random items as ammo without consuming actual inventory. It deals 18-25 damage, making it a powerful tool for shredding through waves of enemies.

Crafting Junk Requirements: Camera x4, Military Duct Tape x3, Giddyup Buttercup x2


  • No Inventory Loss: Uses random junk as ammo without depleting your resources.
  • Solid Damage: Consistently high damage output.



  • Random Ammo: The randomness can be unpredictable, though it doesn’t affect damage.
  • Specialized Use: May not be as effective in every combat scenario compared to other weapons.