Pangya: Fantasy Golf - Unlockable Characters


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Unlockable: Characters
The following characters can be unlocked by performing the actions below:
Arin - Clear Arin's Level 1 story mode
Azer - Clear Azer's Level 1 story mode
Brie & Cadie - Clear Arin's Level 2 story mode
Cecilia - Clear Cecilia's Level 1 story mode
Cien - Clear Cieni's Level 2 story mode
Dark Titan - Clear Kooh's Level 2 story mode
Kaz - Clear Kaz's Level 1 story mode
Kooh - Clear Kooh's Level 1 story mode
Lola - Clear Azer's Level 2 story mode
Max - Clear Max's Level 1 story mode
Minti - Clear Kaz's Level 2 story mode
Pipin - Clear Nuri's Level 2 story mode
Quma - Clear Hana's Level 2 story mode
Tiki - Clear Max's Level 2 story mode
Titanboo - Clear Cecilia's Level 2 story mode

Unlockable: Additional Rings
You can unlock additional Rings by fully completing the following challenges:
Control Ring II - Complete West Wiz challenges
Curve Ring - Complete Blue Lagoon challenges

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