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100k Club - Earn a score of 100,000 or more in a single level.
2 Slip 2 Furious - Earn a speed bonus in any level.
200k Club - Earn a score of 200,000 or more in a single level.
25% Complete - Earn 25% star completion.
300k Club - Earn a score of 300,000 or more in a single level.
400k Club - Earn a score of 400,000 or more in a single level.
75% Complete - Earn 75% star completion.
A more fitting end. - Beat the final level with the "Steve's Bane" unlock equipped.
Challenges? More like, easy-enges. - Clear all the challenge levels on any difficulty.
Death is for the Weak - Beat any level without dying.
Full power to shields - Collect 100 powercubes in a single level.
It's a secret to everybody. - Enter 2 Hypercubes in a single level.
Lord of Slip - Earn 100% star completion.
Nine in a row! - Hit 9 checkpoints in a row without dying.
One down. Two to go. - Beat the first boss.
Out in a Hurry - Turn off your toaster.
Perfect. - Beat any level without dying and collecting all powercubes.
THAT'S A LOT OF CUBES! - Collect 10000 Powercubes.
The fall of Steve. - Beat the third boss.
Two outta three ain't bad. - Beat the second boss.

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