Smuggler's Run: War Zones - Be Invisible


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Be Invisible

To get Invisibility Pause game play and press Left, Right, Left, Right, Z, Z, R

Moon Gravity

To get Moon Gravity Pause game play and press X, Z, X, Z, Up, Up,

Unlimited countermeasures

To get unlimited countermeasures Pause game play and press Y, Y, Y, X, X, Z, Z.

Car Special

To perform a car's special Each Car has its Own Special Hit A, B, Y, X.

Get Super Buggy Boost

Finish Smuggler's Mission 2

Get Special Du Monde

Finish Smuggler's Training Mission 3

Get Baja Truck

Finish Smuggler's Mission 4

Get Du Monde Oil Slick

Finish Smuggler's Mission 5

Get Baja truck Bombs

Finish Smuggler's Mission 7

Get Vietnam

Finish Smuggler's Mission 9

Get D-5 Hondo

Finish Smuggler's Mission 11

Get ATV boost

Finish Smuggler's Mission 14

Get Hondo Oil Slick

Finish Smuggler's Mission 15

Get Sahara Special

Finish Smuggler's Mission 18

Get Sahara Smoke Screen

Finish Smuggler's Mission 20

Get Russian Winter

Finish Smuggler's Mission 22

Get Grenadier

Finish Smuggler's Mission 24

Get Grenadier Bombs

Finish Smuggler's Mission 25

Get Kavostov Halftrack

Finish Smuggler's Mission 27

Get Kavostov Smoke Screen

Finish Smuggler's Mission 29

Get Dual Career Countermeasures

Finish Smuggler's Mission 36

Get Hoverbike

Achieve a GREAT ranking on ALL Smuggler's Levels

North America

Collect all four secret tokens in the Joyridin' missions to unlock the North America region in the Turf Wars and Joyridin' modes. -From:

Russian Winter

Successfully complete Smuggler's Mission 22.

Sahara Smoke Screen

Successfully complete Smuggler's Mission 20.

Sahara Special

Successfully complete Smuggler's Mission 18.

Special Du Monde

Successfully complete Smuggler's Training 3.

Super Buggy Boost

Successfully complete Smuggler's Mission 2.


Second counter measures Successfully complete all Smuggler's Missions and save. Then, play the Smuggler's Missions to have both counter measures. -From:

Secret token in Russia

You can find a secret token a small spinning tile with the Rockstar Games logo on one side and the Angel Software logo on the other at the corner of the level, on a very small island at the top in joyridin' mode.

Secret token in Russian Winter

You can find a secret token at the burned village in the far corner in joyridin' mode.

Secret token in Vietnam

You can find a secret token at the side of the volcano that you can get stuck at if you drive in. It is on the side in joyridin' mode.

Unlock North America

To unlock North America collect four secret tokens from each joyriding level Token locations :
Russia = it's on the circular island in the lake to the south
Vietnam = it's on the volcano island to the northeast of your start location it's a bit hard to get there but not impossible
Winter Russia = go north of the start location to get to a little village the token should be in the air u have to jump to get it.
Eastern Europe = It's in the industrial city in the air you have to jump to get it.
When you get all four you will have unlocked North America.

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