Sneak King - Achievements


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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Winner 5 points: Beat 1 Challenge.

Movin' Out 5 points: Unlock Cul-de-Sac Level.

Free Roamer 10 points: Unlock all levels.

Area Secure 25 points: Complete all Challenges in one level.

Sneak King 25 points: Complete all Challenges in entire game.

A Rank King 10 points: Achieve an "A" Rank.

Area Master 25 points: Achieve an "A" Rank for all Challenges in one level.

Completist 50 points: Achieve an "A" Rank for all Challenges in entire game.

BIG Surprise 10 points: Score 100,000 points in a single delivery.

Half Way There 10 points: Complete any 40 Challenges.

What A Show 10 points: Perform a Level 3 Flourish.

Camera Shy 15 points: Hide 100 times in total.

Sneaking Suit:
Complete all Challenges.

Saw Mill Challenge 11: "A" rank
Use the following trick to deliver a flurry 3 by hiding and get an "A" rank. From where you start the mission, veer left to the truck near the two men busy sawing the log. Wait until the man sawing on the far left hand side is as far away from you as possible. Press Y to climb in the truck. The hungry woman closest to you will faint, but stay in the truck. Behind you a woman come around the ramp. By the time she is near the truck she will be hungry. When the screen indicates, press A for 20,000 points and an "A" rank.

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