Syphon Filter - Saved Game Start on second level with many weapons and lots of ammo


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Saved Game Start on second level with many weapons and lots of ammo

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All Weapons and Unlimited Ammo

Pause gameplay highlight Weapons then hold Right L2 R2 Circle Square X. Only the weapons currently in the given level will become available.

Level Select

Pause gameplay highlight Select Mission then hold Left R1 L1 Select Square X.

Silenced 9mm PowerUp

Pause gameplay highlight Silenced 9mm under the Weapons Option then press Left L1 R2 Select Square X.

Weaker Opponents

Pause gameplay highlight Map and press Right L2 R1 X.

Theater Mode

In Level One go to the theater and right in front of the doors press Start and highlight the Maps screen. Press and hold Right L2 R1 X. You will hear "Got it" and the doors will open. Press X to skip and Start to quit.
Submitted by: Akio67

Survive Burning

After catching on fire quickly press Start then Start again.
Submitted by: TWEETIGER

XRay Vision

Use the virus scanner to look through the walls for enemies.
Submitted by: TWEETIGER

Expert Mode

At the Title screen highlight New Game and hold Left L1 R2 Select Sqaure Circle X. If done correctly you will hear damn it.

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