WarCraft II - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

Press Enter then type any of the following "Codes" during gameplay:

Code Effect
it is a good day to die Invincibility
glittering prizes 10000 Gold 5000 Lumber 5000 Oil
valdez 5000 Oil
spycob 5000 Oil
hatchet Get Wood in 2 Chops
make it so Speed Up Production
title Increases the Speed of Your Units
noglues Disables Magical Traps
showpath Dispalys Entire Map
on screen Displays Entire Map
there can be only one Final Ending
fastemo Demo Starts Earlier
ucla Displays "Go Bruins=" on screen
day Displays "FIEF" on screen
netprof Laser Display
allowsync ???
tigerlily Enables Jumps Between Levels
orcx or humanx Type the Code Above First Then Type this to Jump Between Levels Whereas x is 1 to 14.
deck me out Upgrades All Technologies Immediately
every little thing she does Upgrades Your Magic Users with All Spells
hatchet axe and saw Increases Lumber Harvesting Speed
unite the clans Instant Victory
you pitiful worm Instant Defeat
there can be only one Jump to Finale Movie
never a winner Removes Victory

Submitted by: Chase frowellmsn.com

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