The Graveyard


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The Graveyard is a Cooperative game for 1 to 3 players on the same computer. Each player takes the role as a soldier armed with a shotgun. Ammunition is sparse, so don't waste it. Each soldier can carry 10 shells. Sometimes zombies will drop 3 shells on the ground.

Zombies can take two shots before they hit the ground, but unless they are being carried or are buried, they will soon get up on their feet again. A wounded zombie will regain full strength after a while.

The only way to keep them down is to bury them again. The goal is to return the zombies back to a grave where they belong. Any unoccupied grave will do just fine. Just don't let other zombies get near, or the buried zombie won't rest in peace.

Remember, stay away from the zombies, since a tiny scratch is enough... Make sure you don't shoot your teammates.

-Bottom right on the menu-screen
-Normal or Bright shells.
-If it's enough that one player completes the level or if it's game over as soon as any one player dies.

When a zombie falls on a already full grave, it's sometimes hard to lift the zombie. Try standing not directly on top of the grave, but just a bit (a few pixels is enough) to the left, right or down.

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