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Transfusion is an all action shoot em' up set inside the human body. The game features high quality and smooth gameplay with a pumping Tamir Erez soundtrack.

Essentially a tunnel shooter Transfusion is a challenging task that should keep you playing for a long while. The game's developers, Banshee Studios, have released a list of tips and facts for Tranfusion players which include:

- The character Professor Igoe from the game background & plot is actually a homage to the film Inner Space which is about a guy in a miniaturised submarine flying inside another humans body, sound familiar?

- There are only 31 enemy objects in memory at any one time, as you pass each enemy it is re-assembled and re-positioned further down the tunnel.

- There are 3 distinctive graphical styles of tunnel section in the game, but most players only ever see the first 2.

- The only player to ever reach the last level of the game is the lead programmer who has made it twice, and once completed the game. The last level features completely different gameplay akin to a race as you chase down Professor Igoe.

- The key strategy to success is to collect three health pills in a row without getting hit.

- The green weapons appears useless at first but builds in power gradually and becomes useful for the later stages of the game where it replaces the blue & red weapons as the primary means of firing. Ignoring green pickups ensures that more green pickups are given to you.

- The loading picture is a reference to the human genome and was made by rendering a 3d model of a human constructed from over 10,000 polygons, it was then hand touched to finish.

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This game is a load of crap, theres not story, the graphics are horrible, the sounds are low grade, and the controls are horrific! I dont want to even start on this review 1 out 5, id give it a zero out of five but im nice! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!


Ok try be a bit more nicer, somebody spent their free time making this game, and they gave it to you for free.if you want to criticise then fine but just because you found no fun in this it dosent mean others feel the same.hust for the hell of it i think i will download it!

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