Digimon Rumble Arena


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1 Cheat available for Digimon Rumble Arena, see below

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Get Blackwargreymon:Beat the game once without losing a round. Blackwargreymon will challenge you. Beat him and then Reapermon without losing and you'll enable him as a playable character.

Get Metalgarurumon, Seraphimon, Stingmon and Magnadramon:Beat the game with Gabumon, Patamon, Wormmon and Gatomon.

Younger DigidestinTo make the digisestin younger, select a digmon while holding down R1, R2, L1 and L2 all at the same time. Note that this can work only on the first season chricters and wormon.

Young Digidestined select digimon, hold L1R1R2L2 then press X and let go of of LIR1R2L2.NOTE: This only works with Tai, Matt, Kari and T.K.

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