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3 Fixes, 1 Cheat, 1 Editorial available for Evolva, see below

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Find the mision files. Open them with wordpad. If you have the correct one you can edit the number of genes you'll get up to 100000.


found this cheat but 90000 works betterFull Gene Power:Go into the evolva directory and search for lvl files type .lvl in Windows search.There are 12 files labeled level 1 - 12. If you open a level with notepad i.e., level1.lvl, you may wish to back it up first and change the Genes to:[Genes]Claw=100000Flame=100000Spike=100000Armour=100000Spore=100000Stickyfoot=100000Stealth=100000Necrocyte=100000Electricity=100000Shield=100000Mucus=100000GeneDisruptor=100000 This will give you full "genes power." So you will have maximum power with just one animal absorbed.Author/ GD StaffCheat ModeGo to the mutator screen and alter your team name to "EXTRASTUFF". Exit the mutator screen and save the game. Now enter the options menu and select the menu option "Configure Controls". Two new options should now be here, namely "Debug" and "First Person View" options at the bottom of the menu.

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