Ganguro Girl


Total votes: 181
1 Cheat available for Ganguro Girl, see below

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1Nami Nishimura555-530...27 abriltaurusnothing3 timesforeverzero 7pinky girlsR-314162cm52 waist87 breast46 KgB blood86 hip

2Saori Nako555-933...17 junstudentTokyuGeminiPizzicato 5Egoist20 yearsneverR-31154 waist45 KgAB blood163 cm88 breast87 hip

When in the club, right-click and press "play" to have her cycle through her little blurbs. Let her go long enough and you'll see what day she is free.

When on a date, right click and press "play", and she'll ask a question. Keep repeating til her happiness is maxed out.Sometimes it is delayed or you have to do it twice.

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