Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance


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4 Cheats available for Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, see below

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me passa a manha do scorpion presiso pense nisso rarara e do sub-zero eles soa fortes demais presiso deles pra vira o jogo de boa sem morre porque so com eles ganha o jogo

False Cheatthe liu kang idea/cheat doesn't make sense because you can't hold four arrows at the same time without selecting another character and does select mean A?

get rain is bullshit because i did get all the coffins opened and purchased RA & IN then start and left on frost in arcade, its not a cheat its just a way to cheat you

disculpenme pero yo estoy buscando un chet del argentum si me lo pueden buscar gracias el para ver a la jente invi bue gracias

The play as liu kang cheat is a farse seeing how there is no 'select' button on the xbox controllers. Duh...

beat molach easieruse subzero crouch down and continuosly strike him non stop and he will most likely not be able to attack you back and do that throughout the match.

Go to the start menu and press D D U U L R U then you'll hear a noise that says "You are DUMB ass" for actually beleaving any of these cheats on here.

what the fck lriughvnd nognyvoishmovhrtohsaopvmoijoigfjkjjjjjjjjjjhhhol;mgibupsdou,mwa'p[ri'308 9ymuidflv;54937 -[7lv0rs8povu4097p5u654097

complete the arcade mode then go to the cripts buy li ni as ds and then you will get infinate coins and all the people will be unlocked with infinate healt.try the chat it is cool

FIGHT AS GORO :Unlock All Of The Tombs .... Like Rain And The Get The Chests GO and RO .... The Dragon Champion will be unlocked if you go to reptile and hold downstart


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