NBA Live 2005


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1 Trainer, 3 Cheats, 1 Fix available for NBA Live 2005, see below

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Jordan dunk: hold LR and press X and start your gather from behind the three point line press Y at the foul line.

720 dunk: Hold R tap Y rotate left analog stick twice counter clockwise press B hold until you do a complete 360 then let go

Corey Magette Dunk:Tap the D-Pad any direction then try to press the dunk modifier and the shoot button. if done, the player will do a cartwheel then dunk the ball.

Suck the refeeres dick dunk: Press B to gather then press start 2 times spin the d pad 2 times, then press start and go get a drink of water, then the reff will fuck u in da bootyy

720 dunkgo towards the rim press y after you press y rotate the left thumbstick 360 degrees then press y again

360 between legs dunk: advance towards goal while holding "L". Tap "A" and spin the left analog stick, next tap "A"

Throw alleyoop do a frontflip and between the legs twice.Hold D-Pad right run hold L and press B when you catch the Ball press BB.

Stand at the 3 point line then tap the right analog stick any direction. Right after that hold L R and press B then press B.


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