Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2

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Useing Word Pad or any Writer enter the Folder aj, go to file Racetune put a in place of 0.97 or what ever the number then in cars change mass to 500 or less. Now they are fast.

On the PC Version Useing Word Pad or any Writer enter the Folder Peogram filesea gamesAJ.* go to file Racetune put a 1 place of the 0. on the overall speed factor. Cars speed by a factor of 20%

How to get Cars And tracks EasilyTo earn the cars faster, do some championships, they help a lot with getting the Maclaren and all those other cars you have always wanted

when you are going to the mediterranium level there is a secret car called a clk and you can get in and shoot through it

Change prices in the car.ini file into 10 credits cars map the same for the track.ini file track map. Start game and unlock everything. Good luck

To unlock all the tracks for just 10 each, edit the TRACK.INI file in your Tracks Folder and change all the prices to 10. Remeber to make a backup first though.


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