Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War - Medals


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Play Campaign Mode or Free Mission Mode to unlock these medals.
Destroy 5 enemy planes with the machine gun: Bronze Shooter Medal
Get 'S' Ranks on every mission on Normal: Bronze Wing Medal
When aiding allies in Missions 16A or 16B dont let more than 3 die: Desert Eagle Medal
Destroy 200 enemy targets: Bronze Ace Medal
Destroy 500 enemy targets: Silver Ace Medal
Destroy 1000 enemy targets: Gold Ace Medal
Down 50 enemy planes with the machine gun: Gold Shooter Medal
Earn 'S' Ranks on all 32 missions on expert: Gold Wing Medal
Kill all 16 named planes in second play-through on Normal or harder: Grand Falcon Medal
Down 10 enemies who get a missile lock on your wingman: Guardian Medal
Protect all 8 armored tanks on ground: Lightning Hammer Medal
Get Perfect from AWACS in all 6 landings and 2 refueling stages: Needle's Eye Medal
Down 15 enemy planes with machine gun fire from your aircraft: Silver Shooter Medal
Earn 'S' Ranks on all 32 missions on Hard: Silver Wing Medal

Unlock Falkin

Destroy the hangers on mission 11a 11b 12a 12b 16a 16b and 27.

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