Army Men: Air Attack - All CoPilots Unlocked


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All CoPilots Unlocked

Password: Up Down Up Down Up Down Up Down

All Helicopters in TwoPlayer Mode

Password: Down Down Down Down X X Circle Circle

Secret Ending

Password: Square Down X Down Right Right Up Up
Then beat Level 16.

Level Passwords

2 X Down Left Left Square Circle Circle Right
3 Triangle Up Left Right Down Triangle Circle Up
4 Down Down Square Square Left Right Circle X
5 Right Right X Circle Down Up Down Up
6 Square Circle X Square Triangle Left Up Right
7 Square Circle X Square Left Up Right
8 Right Down Left Up Triangle Down Up Down
9 Circle Circle Right Up Right Up X X
10 X Down Down Down Down X Left Right
11 Triangle Up Circle Down Square Left X Right
12 Up Up Triangle Triangle Left Left Circle Circle
13 Left Down Left Down Square Circle Square Circle
14 Down Down Down Down X X Circle Circle
15 Square Right Left Circle Circle Up Down Square
16 Down Up Down Up Triangle Circle Triangle Circle

Submitted by: firedevil

Level Passwords TwoPlayers

02 Right Up Square X Up Circle Up Right
03 Left Down Left DownUp Up Up Up
04 Square X X Square Circle Triangle Triangle Square
05 X Up Circle Down Triangle Left Square Right
06 Circle Circle Square Down Down Square X X
07 Up Down Down Down Right Left Left Left
08 Left Left Triangle Right Right Triangle Up Up
09 Square Square Square Circle Down Down Down Left
10 Circle Up Left Square Up Left Down Down
11 Triangle Circle Triangle Circle Up Up Down Down
12 Up Down Left Right Circle Circle Up Square
13 X Left Left Left Square Triangle Circle X
14 Left Down Left Down Square Circle Square Circle
15 Down Down Down Down X X Circle Circle
16 Triangle Down Triangle Down Square Up Square Up

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