Evil Islands - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

During gameplay press for the console and type 'thingamabob' to enable cheat mode. Now press again and type any of the following "Codes":

Code Effect
help Show Cheat List
fps 0 or 1 Hide or Show FPS Counter
give 0 money x At the Map Selection/Party Equip screen get x Gold Coins xamount
give 0 exp x At the Map Selection/Party Equip screen get x Exp points. xamount
lootall Get all laying objects across mission map into your inventory
exit or quit Exit Game
localrate ???
rate ???
ban ???
kick ???
partyresend ???
days ???
generateacks ???
disconnect ???
net ???
memusage ???
server ???
join ???
fadeout ???
execute or exec ???
lastfps ???
loadvar ???
listvar ???
show ???
filter ???
history ???
console ???
debuginfo ???
godmode0 Toggle God Mode 012
givestrengthgetunitofplayer00XXX Give Strength XXX of points
givedexteritygetunitofplayer00XXX Give Dexterity XXX of points
giveintelligencegetunitofplayer00XXX Give Intelligence XXX of points

Submitted in part by CyberMan KirilliK

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