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Here are some recipes to cook after you buy a kitchen from the carpenter shop:

Blue Berry Jam:3 blue berrys in pot
Boiled egg:egg in pot
Cake:egg,breadfruit,milk in oven
Cran berry Jam:3 cran berrys in pot
Cheese:L milk in pot
Cooked fish:Herbor patato,fish in pan
Cheesecake:milk,cheese,breadfruit in oven
Cream of;
corn soup:corn,milk in pot
mushroom soup:mushroom,milk in pot
tomato soup:tomato,milk in pot
Creamy soup:potato,milk in pot
Flan:egg,milk in oven
Fruit omelet:egg,any fruit in pan
Fruit cake:milk,breadfruit,any fruit in oven
Hot milk:S milk in pot
Mixed jam:Very,Cran,and Blue berrys in pot
one each
Mixed omelet:egg,any "veggy" in pan
Omelet:egg,milk in pan
S. cheese:G milk in pot
Sunny side up:egg in pan
Very berry jam:3 very berrys in pot
Yogurt:M milk in pot

Hope you love cooki'nLate.

PPpeople presentsand B-days

Here are some gifts to give people for better relationships;

Gina:golden eggs and fish
Dia:flowers and home made cake or flan
Bob:home made cakes
Katie:cheesehomemade,dogsif they have a good name
Lyla:Jam,flowers, and dogs
Martha:special cheeses and eggs

Here are the birthdays to some people;

Dia:winter 9
Gina:fall 20
Gwen:summer 8
Katie:fall 29
Lyla:spring 27
Martha:winter 25
Tim:fall 12

hope everything goes wellLATE

Under-Ground Secrets

In the yard where you plant seeds there are secret items like 10gold pieces or Rare Medals.But some of these items are more rarethan othersTo get them out, use your hoe.You may even find patana roots Most of the items can be sold for gold Hope every thing goes well [HINT most of the items can be sold atthe tool shop or the carpenter shop


Hint: Horses:
After doing Bob's part time work, sometimes he does not give you a horse. If this happens, try giving something sweet such as a Cake, best if baked yourself.

Your horse can be standing anywhere and not need to be fed.

To pick your own horse, when you do part time work brush and talk to the horse first every day. Bob will bring that one to your farm.

Get the girls

Here is what to do, and what you can do with girls to get them to like you:

To get Lyla, you need to grow the Bluemist Flower and once the butterfly shows up, she will return from her trip, and begin to be interested in you. Talk to her in the evenings sometimes to hear her hint towards her feelings. Give her Pinkcatmints, show her your dog, and give her any berries.

Befriend the Sprites and her to get a picture of the endangered Weasel. She tries once after a while of talking, but it's not there. Don't worry, she'll do it again. Sometimes, if you talk to her just before 7:30pm, on her way into her house her grandpa is the carpentershe will hint towards her feelings. Give her veryberries or show her your dog. Talk to her around 7pm each evening to hear her ask questions sometimes.

First you must befriend Gina, then she'll start to like you. She will give you the magic book that tells of the required ingredient for your grandmother's cake recipe. She and Gina show you the completed Goddess dress Gina makes. She likes blueberries best, and cheeses. Gina's grandmother tells you more about Dia's opinion of you then she does herself. Sometimes around 6pm though, she hints.

If you give Gina eggs, she likes you very quickly. She eventually askes you for help on the Goddess Dress Design she's submitting for the upcoming Flower Festival. You have to buy the silk thread from Louis when it comes out, then visit the goddess till she eventually takes it from you and weaves "Moonlight" into it to make it shine like her own. She'll appear at your house to give it back, and you have to go see Gina. Gina will make the dress and she and Dia will show it to you. This helps raise up Dia and Gina. Gina likes eggs mostly, but flowers make her blush, and other things can be good too. Gina drops little hints she likes you around 4-5pm, but her Grandmother tells you more about her feelings then she does herself.

The way to Katie's heart is a recipe. She wants your Grandmother's famouse Cake Recipe, and after she mentions it, you'll find it near your dresser in the house. If you talk to her enough before she mentions this, she'll not even think of leaving, so go ahead and give her the recipe by walking into the cafe on any work day that it's open. After giving it to her, she'll randomly give you sample practice cakes. You'll need to get a chicken and a cow. If you take care of both, the cow will eventually give gold milk, and the chicken will lay a golden egg once. Give these to Katie. The only ingredient left is Moondrop Essence. First, get the magic book from Dia, then, Katie will eventually mention the book. The essence is made from love, and must be done under a full moon, so Katie will suggest you do it with whoever likes you the most. She tells you to be in the goddess lake and the girl will come. Once you get all the ingredients, she can make the cake. Katie likes flowers, blueberries, your dog as does everyone else, and cooked food from your kitchen. Katie flirts constantly, escpecially early morning and just before 8:30pm, but her Grandpa reveals a lot of her feelings too.

Most of the girls favorite things can be found in the forest, but some must be made in your kitchen buy from the carpenter or bought from a store generally the food Mart, so save money for the kitchen, animals, animal feed, girl's gifts, etc. Good Luck

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