Matt Hayes Fishing


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Start game, goto console hit tilde and enter the following cheats:

pikemon - Win Current Level
powerup monsterbonus - Get Monsterbonus
powerup twominute - Get Two More Minutes
powerup fiveminute - Get Five More Minutes
powerup powercast - Get Powercast
powerup superpowercast - Get Superpowercast
powerup silentcast - Get Silentcast
powerup stealthboat - Get Stealthboat
powerup shallowboat - Get Shallowboat
powerup pikeflag - Get Pikeflag
powerup bigpikeflag - Get Bigpikeflag
powerup lunkerpikeflag - Get Lunkerpikeflag
powerup skipcast - ?
toggle manualcam - Move Cam Freely
toggle fps - Enable FPS Stats
bonusLure - ?
metric - ?

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