NCAA Gamebreakers - Easter Eggs


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Easter Eggs

Highlight Options at the Main Menu and press L1 R1 L2 R2. When the Easter Egg screen appears enter any of the following "Code"s below. Codes are casesensitive.

Code Effect
Tackles Better Tackling
Rock Em Harder Hits
Interceptions More interceptions
Fumbles More Fumbles
Big Arm QB Throws Farther
Little Arm QB Throws Shorter
Big Foot Kick farther
Little Foot Kick Shorter
Cannon QB Has Stronger Arm
Giants Players Are Bigger
Midgets Players Are Smaller
Healthy Always Healthy
Blocking Up Offensive Line Blocks Better
Blocking Down Offensive Line Blocks Worse
Swim Up Better Swim Power
Swim Down Worse Swim Power
Slow CPU Computer is Slower
Hands Easier to Catch
Flash Extra Turbo Power
Hurricane Harder Rain
Blizzard More Snow
Tornado Harder Wind

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