Onimusha 2 - Get Easy Mode


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Get Easy Mode

First die 3 times in a row to get Yasashi mode. now at the main menu pick Tokuten. Then pick easy difficulty.

Get Hard Mode & man in Black Mode & Team Onimusha Mode

Finish the game 1 time

Get One Hit Kill Mode

Finish the game 1 time using Team Onimusha Mode

Kick ass mode

Successfully complete the game on the hard difficulty setting to unlock the kick ass difficulty setting.

Ending bonuses

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Scenario Route option, Man In Black Suit mini-game, and Team Onimusha mode.

Strongest equipment mode

Successfully complete the game on the hard difficulty setting. Then, start new game to begin with the Blazing Fire Sword, 20,000 in money, 30 Intense Medicines, 10 Wood, all level 3 armors, infinite ammunition, and skill always full.

Mind twister mode

Successfully complete the game with all eighteen artworks to unlock mind twister mode.

Leather costume

Successfully complete the game with the "Onimusha" rank to unlock a leather costume.

Oyuu's alternate costume

Get a 100 scenario completion to unlock an alternate costume for Oyuu.

Game Shark Codes

Master Code Must Be On 0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
EE8A60D6 BCC0A096
Infinite Money D161153A BC413102
Infinite Health C1613D3E BCA9A783
Max Health C1613D3A BCA9A783
Max & Infinite Health D1613D3E C8A9A783
Max & Infinite Ogre Power Magic D161164A C8A9A783
D16110FE C8A9A783
Max Souls D161165E BCAA8B83
D161165A BCAA8B83
Full Weapon Ohgi = Weapon Charge R1 Square D161108E BCA99B82
Always 1st Save D17A4E76 BCA99B83
Low Game Time D17A4FFA BCA9A053

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