Smuggler's Run 2 - Invisibility


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Pause gameplay and press R1 L1 L1 R2 L1 L1 L2.

Make Cars Lighter

Pause gameplay and press L1 R1 R1 L2 R2 R2.

No Gravity

Pause gameplay and press R1 R2 R1 R2 Up Up Up.

Increase Time Warp

Pause gameplay and press R1 L1 L2 R2 Right Right Right.

Decrease Time Warp

Pause gameplay and press R2 L2 L1 R1 Left Left Left.

All Cars and Levels

Pause gameplay and press L2 R2 R2 L2 R1 L2 L1 Left Right L2 Down R2.

Infinite Countermeasures

Pause gameplay and press R3 R3 R3 R1 R1 R2 R2.

Transparent Car

Pause gameplay and press Left Up Right Down Right Up Left L2.

Increase Frame Rate

Pause gameplay and press R3 L3 L3 R3 Left Circle Left Circle.

Mission Unlocks

Finish the following missions to get the indicated item:

Finish This Mission - To Get This
Mission 3 - Get Super Buggy Boost
Training Mission 3 - Get D-5 Hondo
Mission 4 - Get Baja Truck
Mission 7 - Get Baja Truck Bombs
Mission 8 - Get D-5 Hondo Oil Slick
Mission 9 - Get Vietnam Map
Mission 10 - Get ATV Monster
Mission 13 - Get Du Monde
Mission 14 - Get ATV Monster's Speed Burst
Mission 17 - Get Sahara Special
Mission 18 - Get Sahara Smoke Screen
Mission 21 - Get Du Monde Oil Slick
Mission 22 - Get Georgian Russia Winter Map
Mission 24 - Get Grenadier
Mission 25 - Get Grenadier Bombs
Mission 27 - Get Kavostov Halftrack
Mission 29 - Get Kavostov Halftrack's Smoke Screen

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