Truth or Lies


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Sweaty Palms (Bronze)
Objective: Register your name

Is It Getting Hot in Here? (Bronze)
Objective: Calibrate your voice

Original Sinner (Bronze)
Objective: Register a lie in a standard game

Coming Clean (Bronze)
Objective: Register a truthful response in a standard game

Full House (Bronze)
Objective: 8 players register for a game of Truth or LiesŽ

You Can Breathe Out Now (Bronze)
Objective: Complete a game of Truth or LiesŽ

Judge and Jury (Bronze)
Objective: Answer a Hot Seat question

Close to Home (Bronze)
Objective: A player answers a Hot Seat question truthfully

Is That So? (Bronze)
Objective: A player answers a Hot Seat question with a lie

A Bad Bunch (Silver)
Objective: A player wins a round with a score of 1000 points or lower

Dubious (Silver)
Objective: A player receives most truthful and least truthful in a single round

Senior Interrogator (Silver)
Objective: Answer 10 Hot Seat questions

Chief Interrogator (Gold)
Objective: Answer 20 Hot Seat questions

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