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Gamerscore points
Accomplish the indicated task to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

Acrobatic Apprentice 15 points: Get Latch-Suck-Spit-Latch in order.
Acrobatic Master 20 points: Get Loop-Release-Loop-Release-Loop in order.
Challange Apprentice 10 points: Successfully complete over 30 of Challenge mode.
Challange Master 20 points: Successfully complete Challenge mode.
Ghost Master Hero 15 points: Beat any Challenge mode's ghost time.
Liberator Of Caged Souls 25 points: Collect all story gems and successfully complete the game.
Loop Master 15 points: Get 60 points in Loopnastics.
Mouth Full Of Bugs 15 points: Put a total of 500 Bugs in Wik's mouth Challenge and Story modes count as one point.
Perfect Grub Hero 15 points: Get all Grubs on ten Story mode levels.
Story Apprentice 10 points: Successfully complete the Story mode prologue levels.
Story Master 20 points: Successfully complete Story mode.
String Looper 20 points: Loop Wik three times on the same swing.

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