WWE SmackDown vs. RAW - Stone Cold Steve Austin


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Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin is not on the game but you can create him. First, save some money and buy the move set with the picture of someone doing the Stunner. You can purchase this at Shopzone. Then, when you go to move set find the moves that say Outlaw before them- these are his moves. The Finisher will only say Stunner. His entrance is 01 on the moves set, the only down side being the video and the music. There is some other cool entrance music to choose from so you Stone Cold fans will just have to be creative.

Unlock Credits

To unlock the credits video, successfully complete one year in the season mode.


Bret "Hitman" Hart : Buy at the WWE store for 20,000 Andre the Giant : Buy at the WWE store for 20,000 Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake : Buy at the WWE store for 20,000 Legend Undertaker : Buy at the WWE store for 18,000 The Rock : Buy at the WWE Shop for 20,000 Legion of Doom : Buy at the WWE store for 35,000 Mankind : Buy at the WWE store for 20,000 Masked Kane : Buy at the WWE store for 18,000


Kurt Angle And Shawn Michaels alternate outfits: Beat rising star challenges Heat and Velocity Arenas: Beat amateur challenges All Evolution Members and Randy Orton;s alternate outfits: Complete superstar challenges The Rock's alternate attire: Beat all challenges

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