no CD The Book of Unwritten Tales v1.01 US


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no CD

The Book of Unwritten Tales v1.01 US

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When trying to run my game

When trying to run my game with this file (I replaced the original bout.exe with the zipped one, I get the following message:
"....OgreMain.dll not found".
so....this file does NOT work with the US Version. I am running the US-purchased version, with the intention of simply playing without having to load the darn DVD every single time. Is there any other no-DVD patch that works with the non-German version of the game?


I'm having the same problem so i doanloaded OgreMain.dll then i tried again said i need another dll file so i downloaded that then it says OgreMain.dll is missing (cant remember the name) so i tried downloading it and couldnt find a file under this name. noticed you posted this in january did you ever find out how to install the bout.exe ?

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