Little Counter Strike


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This is a 2D version of Counter Strike with emphasis on gameplay and reaction time rather than amazing graphics and environments. The game is in German so here are some basic instructions: You have a choice of 6 weapons. Hostages wear white and you get to free them by right clicking on them. If you reach the end of level 9 you also get to fight your Arch Enemy.

Little Counter Strike has two things going for it.

-It's author is a 15 year old from Germany, so we have to wait and see more of his work


-The game has Counter Strike in the title so it is a necessary download...

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Little Counter Strike

Mega Games servers are to slow to download anything off of :-(512K cable and I feel as though I am on a 56K again :-( *watches the game flow in at a whopping 7kps*FYI- My AOE2 fix is going even better 3kps


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