Little Fighter 2 (v.1.9)


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You walk the streets of downtown Hong Kong, with a gang of another 6 fighters, and raise hell as you encounter rival gangs. Select carefully, one of the nine available characters since each comes with various different special moves which may be needed at some point in the game.
The remaining characters of your gang can either be computer controlled, or your friends if you select to play over the internet. A comprehensive list of each characters special moves and of the keys used to produce them can be found in the Official Sites Control Section.
Warning: The game involves graphic violence and a lot of your opponents come to a bloody death.

New In Version 1.9

This version introduces several improvements to the game including a new character, bringing the total up to 4, a brand new stage (5 stages total), new music and new moves.

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Little Fighter 2 (v.1.9)

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