Ultimate Steroids


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The Ultimate Steroids is, as the original Steroids was, an Asteroids-clone. Basically, you jump to the cockpit of a space ship, and burst through the space shooting space rocks, asteroids. You collect some power up-bonuses and slowly increase your firepower. You will encounter some hazards during your mission such as evil aliens and strange black holes. The Ultimate Steroids is 100% freeware.

The game features OpenGL accelerated 3d graphics, sound and music, up to 10 weapon grades and up to 22 levels. Balanced gameplay with beautiful rendered backgrounds and colorful 3d graphics. There is also a support for two players, either in a co-operation or in a competition. In addition, the competition mode allows you to set various game play settings.

The Ultimate Steroids includes a mod player, and a directory called Music. There is few mods shipped with the game (see the credits), but the main idea is that you can use your own mods (put them to the Music folder) to be played in the game. There is room for 128 mods, and they must be MOD, S3M or XM.

FOR 3DFX Users:
If the game doesn't work, download the latest Quake3 compatible drivers for your card.(link provided in download section)
Install the drivers, and copy the included 3DFXOGL.DLL (or something similiar) to the Ultimate Steroids directory. After this, rename the DLL to OPENGL32.DLL and try the game now.

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