X Operations and X-Ops Online


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X Operations is a 3D game played in the first person perspective, in which you are a special operstive and have to carry out numerous missions. Some missions require you to face terrorists and evildoers on your own while in others you are part of an elite squad.

X Operations offers an impressive total of 33 missions and 16 weapon types including pistols, sub-machine guns etc.
This is another impressive freeware title which although lacking the polished and refined graphics of its commercial counterparts does offer the player countless hours of fun.

X-Ops Online

-Multiplayer version of X operations is distinct from the singleplayer version.
-This is a test version, therefore the program specification is still simple.
-Maximum player number per server is 12.
-The rule served is only team death match, where the players are automatically
assigned to one of the two teams (BLUE / RED)
-A game ends when all the members in a team die or when time gets to the setup limit.
-A player can freely control his/her view point after he/she dies.

Here is the procedure for playing the game.

The text below was written on the assumption that you have some basic networking knowledge:

-To play on client side, input server address and port number in the spaces provided
and then click START button.

-You can also use the lobby server to get the server list. Click GET SERVER LIST button.
(On purpose to reduce the load on the lobby server, reacquisition is unavailable for several seconds.)
-If there is any server operating, its name and maximum number of players are displayed.
Choose one from the list. Then server address and port number are automatically input.
The character F or E on the left side of the number means as follows:
F : There are more than or equal to half the limit in this server.
E : There are less than half the limit in this server.
-This information is updated at regular time intervals, therefore there may be difference
between displayed status and actual status.

-When title logo is displayed, your PC is successfully connected to the server.
-Wait for the server to start the game.

-If processing rate shown on the upper-right corner of the window doesn't reach 100%, you will be at a disadvantage. Check FRAME SKIP in the first dialog box before connection.

-When disconnected, press F11, type "retry" and press return key to try reconnection.
If reconnection fails repeatedly, it is highly possible that the server is down.
Once quit the program and try another server.

-You can also run a server. In the first dialog box, check SERVER and type port number
(which, of course, must be opened. Set up your routing machine and firewall in order to connect.)
Check PUBLIC to put your server information to the lobby server. Uncheck it if you want to play
with specific members or if you want on the LAN.
Click START to run the server.

-In default configuration, automatic game start is at work. When there are more than two clients connecting to the server, one randomized mission automatically starts.
To cancel this function, press F11, type "auto" and press return key. (Do the same to reactivate.) In this condition, the server administrator is supposed to choose a mission.

-Press Esc to quit the current game, then going back to the mission select.

-You cannot join the game with a program running as the server. If you want, run another one and then connect to your own server as a client. To connect to the server on the identical machine, type "" into ADDRESS field.

SERVER NAME : Text typed here is shown on the server list.
MAX PLAYERS (2 to 12) : Maximum number of players on this server
TIME LIMIT [second] : Time limit of a game

Hold F1 : Show log that you have for up to 10 lines
Hold F12 : Show players list and their scores
[K : The number of times you have killed. ]
[D : The number of times you have been killed.]
Press Return : Then type a message and press Return to show the message to all the players.
(for 2 times) : (In other words, execute say without argument) Then type a message and press
Return to show the message to specific players.
[Surviving player : To all the members in your team]
[Dead player : To all the dead players]
(In both the two cases, server can read all these messages.)

Command Line Interface
Press F11 to open command line. Commands prepared are as follows:
say : Show to all the players
tsay : (Client only) Show to specific players (see above)
wish red : (Client only) Hope for being on RED team in the next game
wish blue : (Client only) Hope for being on BLUE team in the next game
retry : (Client only) Try to reconnect to the current server
auto : (Server only) Toggle the automatic game start
kick : (Server only) Kick out the player of
ban : (Server only) Kick out and ban the player of
unban : (Server only) Cancel all bans
help : Show all the commands

*Player number
All the players have numbers according to the player list (Hold F12).
0 for the top, and then sequentially numbered to the bottom.

Shortcut Features
You can use four function keys of F5 to F8 as the shortcut buttons.
Top four lines in cmd.txt (of course you can edit the content) are assigned to F5, F6, F7 and F8.
Press each key to execute the set command when command line is not opened.
(In order not to be used as active jamming, the next shortcut key does not work before
3 seconds pass.)

A player that seems to perform fault plays or that interrupts the other player is automatically kicked out. It is sometimes applicable to those who edit the game data.

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X Operations and X-Ops Online

Before starting downloading I could not find the min. PC stats to run this free game. This was my first visit, though so maybe I find it later. Or maybe I find all kind of unknown software which has installed itself on my system and then this was the only visit I made.

X Operations and X-Ops Online

wow, thats a bold statement coming from someone who is afraid to put a name in. You know why so many pussies like you use 'anonymous' ? its because you act all tough online, but you are afraid because you are really some punk kid. IF you can't come up with a name, face the facts: you are an asshat, do us all a favor and don't post anything.and yes, i was man enough to put in an email address, spam away, c**k-suckers.

X Operations and X-Ops Online

Yo everyone, stop fighting over nothing. It is just A GAME. U all fukers NEVER even EXPERIENCE something called THE HEART OF PLAYING. So what is that 'Uhh good graphics and sound?' no u damn morons, it's the whole gome itself not a game that attracts ppl and has the best rating, its whats in it that makes the damn game.P.S : U all suckers think free ware is for sore losers. Think again fukers , what if u are the developer of the game and ppl said bad stuff 'bout it??

X Operations and X-Ops Online

ive played the game and its ok but all i wanted to do is swear and yell at everyone like you leet people are doing so here i go ... titties!! HAHAHA!!! ohh damn grandad came in and hes beating me ARRGHHH!!! get that OUT of my ASS!!!!

X Operations and X-Ops Online

ain´t you a d**khead? if you just come here to complaint about ppl dont putting a name and email you should hide in the sahara desert!people have a right to privacy, and dont need to put in their emails just to get spammed by all the f**kers that come into here.if you´re a bitch that like to get spammed,go ahead. just dont come charging it into everyone else. YA HEAR ME f**kER?????????????????

X Operations and X-Ops Online

I actually really liked this game. Most of the people who post on this website are illiterate losers who think it's smart to brutally rape the English language and slag off someones work. I would like to see all of your efforts so we can have a laugh comparing. Remember these games are made by small teams of people, sometimes only one person. If you want commercial quality then waste some money at your local shop. Wake up people, you're idiots if you think coming on here saying 'diz game iz sh1t' is a really clever, '1337' thing to do. Just post something constructive for once. Does anyone know where I can contact the author of this game? Megagames' link doesn't work. Thank you, and stop being idiots.

X Operations and X-Ops Online

im normally beiend a d**khead on this forum but that last comment really gave me the shits. wjo the f**k do you think you are telling us what hte f**k to do. its our chose to critizise a cheap ass freeware piece of f**k like this if we want. and dude you shouldnt f**king come to megagames if you dont like commecial titles cause , f**k man, its all it is.lattttteeeeeirritantp.s. CS is leet (thats leet not

X Operations and X-Ops Online

What the f**k...this place is for reviews......f**k off if you are gonna swear and talk shit!!!! Talk about the game not your stupid f**king rooster shit...I mean damb, i came here for a proper review and all of a sudden i get this shit....I wanna f**king rip your heads off....Just Joking...f**king NIGGAS!!!!

X Operations and X-Ops Online

And Irritant there is a prime example of the typical 'mentally challenged' people you get posting comments on Megagames... it's a shame they don't put these people to work in match factories anymore. Make your own game, and then tell us all about it so we can say how bad it is, okay? Then you will have the right to criticise.

X Operations and X-Ops Online

Hrrrmm the game was entertaining. Reminded me Muchly Of Virtual Cop.The graphics and models where rather simple but i have seen worse.The sounds... well urr... the sounds... we're consistant, and original. but not very good. I also thought some mood music may have been good.It Had nice gameplay Specialy the Resident evil Zombie levels. they were fun. and the terminator level was good too.One thing i would've liked was a character Gun to be shown. Or an Aiming cursor in 3rd person. But i really enjoyed this game.The fact that it was in japanese was a shame so i found myself editing the text files under the map folders. At first i thought just to translate them but then i opted for giving it a storyline. also i replaced the sounds with some i could find. and was going to start on the models and decided i better stop before i get carryied away


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