Breath of Fire III


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3 Cheats available for Breath of Fire III, see below

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when you are young ryu examin the boss goblin. he should use Influence if ryu learns this move he can control rei when he becomes a beserk weretiger

at the begining of the game use examine on the boss goblin, later youcan use that to controle Rei's weretiger form

if ya have trouble's with the dragon zombie let garr use kyrie on him end he wil die instantly he wil get kyrie at lvl 26

when ya have pecoafter defeating the mutent plant go to the cofee shop end headbutt the apple tree its a good way for some extra items

easy victory:emitai: 2th arena fightjust focus all of ur attacks on emitai if he's dead the 2 green ogres will start attacking eachother

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