Crash Bandicoot


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1 Cheat, 2 Fixes available for Crash Bandicoot, see below

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ok to get all keys don't be stupid and think about it your a demented fox/bandacute so that means bur off I aint tellin U.

get all the boxes, including the -box. then get the boxes that appear. go to the end get the box and win a gem. this only works on n sanity beach

when you are on 'the great gate', there is one spike which you can get over. jump to the other side and run left. you will get loads of apples

start a new game get 2 papu before he wakes up pause and press down,down,up, for a bit now press start again if u press select twice it shud take u 2 his wardrobe

some one help me plz... plz tell me how to get the blue gem in crash bandicoot 3.. i cant find it, also the red one.. i cant reach it.. plz help me

In the floor number 3 do the Stage of the Big bear when you reach the end jump to the you must return to the past road and you are going to appear in a unknown dimension.


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