Deus Ex

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Cheats aktivieren

Verknüpfung von DeusEx.exe erstellen =>Recktsklick auf Eigenschafte => Unter Ziel " -hax0r" am Ende mitanhängen CHEATS können eingegeben werden ("t" während des Spiels drücken => "ghost" eingeben)

For dues ex Make a short cut on your desktop of the game then right click and got to properties and add Hax0r as a command line to the icon then rungame as normal

you can summon paul dentomwalton simmons, unatco troop, mj12 troopcop, sailor, repairbot, medbot, graygreasel, jojo fine, bob page, riotcopand many more people in the game


there is an easy way to get the cheatsu will still have to make a letter "talk" in the user ini file1 create a shortcut for the game2right click on the shortcut and go to properties3click on the shortcut tab4where it says target add -hax0r after the exe. make sure there is a space between the e and the -. 0= a zero not ohope this helps save u time as u don't need to type in set DeusEx.JCDentonMale bCheatsEnabled TrueBYE BYE

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