Dungeon Keeper 2


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1 Patch, 1 Cheat, 4 Fixes, 2 Trainers available for Dungeon Keeper 2, see below

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How do you get the cheat screen on dungeon keeper2? when you know e-mail me at for aol chaterboy09 bt internet [url removed]

Create a torture room,Using a spell turn a creature into a chicken, Put the chiken in toruture room and wait after torture

change your clock to midnight and receive a secret message...or if your a real loner you could just play the game in the middle of the night
You voted 'no'.

find a special box, with: raise level more imps etc. Get it in your librarygo to the spellpanel press escape and click 9 times on the raise level spell. all your creature are in level 10.

ha ha thisaway ha ha thataway doesnt work.... Anyway go dungeon keeper 2 ;..; To bad no one plays it online anymore :

go to game options in the skirmish menu. go to reveal map. start campaign. does not reveal all map, but most of map. lvl 10 Dark angel last mission.


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