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1 Cheat, 1 Trainer available for Fallout, see below

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A lot of money Very easy. just get a good commerce skill 'bout 140, buy any item and sell it again. You will have won money. You can change an item for an identical one and some moeny.

Sleep with Hookergo to Junktown and after you stay the night in the hotel you will have to help save the hooker. After you save her click on her to talk and select the ONE

Steal from a character, but only steal one of whatever they have. You get 10 exp no matter how little you steal. so just keep stealing one cap, or one bullet.....

In the Hub, go to the half destroyed house south of iguana Bob's. There's a man there that will give you the "rifle pistol" if you clean out his house full of thugs.

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