Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls


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2 Videos, 1 Cheat available for Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls, see below

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after you find the tonic joltafter you beat Astos go to elfeim you'll find a prince in a bed at the castle and a healer next to the bed give the tonic jolt to him.The prince will then awake.

in ff2 when any of the characters prepare to cast a spell if you look carfully enough you can see the characters do a fuck you to the enemy

BONUS GAME FINAL FANTASY 1 and 2FF1: insert A and 55times on B in the shipFF2:in the snowcraft insert A and press 55times on B

In FFII, you defeat the emperor at the end of the game in the Castle Pandemonium level. He has 15,000 HP, so equip Firion with the Blood Sword and you can kill him in 2-3 rounds.

Soul of RebirthIn final fantasy 2 beat the game and go to the title screen and there will a new selection soul of rebirth.

MINI GAMEwhen you defeat the pirates and get the ship get on it, press a nonstop and at the same time press b repeatedly and you will play a slide puzzle mini game

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